Fly-in, fly-out approach to work
Date: 03-Sep-11
Author: Greg Ellis and Ben Langford (Illawarra Mercury)
The fly-in, fly-out movement is already well underway, with another 30 people arriving back in the Illawarra by plane from mining jobs in Queensland, home in time to see their kids for Father’s Day.
The workers, flown on a Dash 8 plane brought into the Illawarra for the purpose, followed another similar-size group who arrived on Thursday.

More than 120 employees from four businesses have already taken part in the maintenance and capital works and the consortium estimates it needs 200 – perhaps as many as 400 – workers by the end of the year.

$45bn gas plan draws workers of the world
Date: 03-Sep-11
Author: Andrew Fraser (The Australian)
WORKERS from as far away as Ireland will be part of the massive fly-in, fly-out workforce needed to build the $45 billion development turning coal-seam gas into liquified natural gas on Curtis Island off Gladstone, central Queensland.
About 800 people are now working on the mangrove-fringed island on the north side of Gladstone Harbour, but this is expected to rise to at least 6000, housed in specially constructed camps, within two years.

There will also be up to 2000 contractors, who will not live on site but will be ferried across from Gladstone every day to help build the three liquid natural gas plants, expected to be operating by 2015.

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