Fly-in, fly-out approach to work
Date: 03-Sep-11
Author: Greg Ellis and Ben Langford (Illawarra Mercury)
The fly-in, fly-out movement is already well underway, with another 30 people arriving back in the Illawarra by plane from mining jobs in Queensland, home in time to see their kids for Father’s Day.
The workers, flown on a Dash 8 plane brought into the Illawarra for the purpose, followed another similar-size group who arrived on Thursday.

More than 120 employees from four businesses have already taken part in the maintenance and capital works and the consortium estimates it needs 200 – perhaps as many as 400 – workers by the end of the year.

$45bn gas plan draws workers of the world
Date: 03-Sep-11
Author: Andrew Fraser (The Australian)
WORKERS from as far away as Ireland will be part of the massive fly-in, fly-out workforce needed to build the $45 billion development turning coal-seam gas into liquified natural gas on Curtis Island off Gladstone, central Queensland.
About 800 people are now working on the mangrove-fringed island on the north side of Gladstone Harbour, but this is expected to rise to at least 6000, housed in specially constructed camps, within two years.

There will also be up to 2000 contractors, who will not live on site but will be ferried across from Gladstone every day to help build the three liquid natural gas plants, expected to be operating by 2015.

Promotional Bags for Every Client

Promotional Bags for Every Client

When people think of marketing these days for small businesses, there are more and more ways of competing. Most businesses don’t even realize how many ways there are for them to be able to stick their logo onto these days, and if you keep up with the trends you should be no stranger to promotional bags in general.

The promotional bags that many individuals see each and every day are not just a fun promotional tool that serves a fad, they are an item that has surged in popularity so that almost everyone loves them. When you have something everywhere and used almost each and every day, there are far more than enough reasons to look to promotional bags as a top marketing tool for everyone to see.

Another reason that promotional tote bags are such a top way of doing marketing these days is that you literally have a billboard each and every place that bag goes. If you can get enough bags out onto the street, then you literally have a miniature army of indiviudals walking around who are promoting and flashing your brand and logo each and every place that they go. 

Promotional bags truly are a brilliant way of being able to tap into the walking, talking, and mobile marketplace. Even though technology continues to serve humanity as the future and more and more people look to technology in general for marketing needs, at the end of the day nothing can replace human contact and basic interaction. These bags are a perfect way to get right in front of any end user or potential customer, and they do so in a stylish way as well.

How you can Benefit From Hiring a digital agency in Melbourne

How you can Benefit From Hiring a digital agency in Melbourne

One of the most important aspects of business that every investor considers paramount is marketing. It is true that sometimes competition can drown the hopes of an investor especially when the person does not have the relevant experience to market a business. Most businesses have turned to the online market although different individuals have not been able to create a reliable marketing plan. Therefore, hiring a digital agency in Melbourne – offers investors an opportunity to link with customers easily as explained below. 

Having a clear marketing plan inspires the generation of more traffic to your business. What this means is an increase in leads that later convert to sales. Therefore, businesses that have invested in the digital marketing model are able to make more profit while establishing stable brands. This is easy if one hires a digital agency in Melbourne. These are professionals with the experience and ability to create a feasible plan for marketing. They also have tools that can offer investors easy time while managing clients. 

Digital marketing offers a long lasting effect when compared to other media. It is also affordable for many people. Every digital agency in Melbourne offers special packages for investors to choose as depending on their budgetary needs. It also connects the business with mobile users and allows one to launch a great campaign for more authority in the industry. 

For people looking to get real-time results, hiring digital agency in Melbourne would be the first step. This form of marketing offers quick results and investors do not need to invest huge amounts to get things working. In less than two weeks, one can record an increase in sales revenue and overall reputation earned by the business. This is unlike mainstream media, which may cost much yet the results may take long to realize. Marketing through a digital agency in Melbourne also helps a business to maintain pace with the level of competition offered.

The Top Reasons To Visit A Day Spa Melbourne Locals Have Access To

The Top Reasons To Visit A Day Spa Melbourne Locals Have Access To

By opting to visit a day spa Melbourne locals have access to, you’ll be giving your body a chance to relax and detox from the ongoing stress of modern living. Many people find that they are constantly overwhelmed by their day-to-day responsibilities. These facilities make it possible for consumers to unwind and regain a sense of balance.

The Benefits Of Going To A Day Spa Melbourne Residents Can Visit

When scheduling treatments at a day spa Melbourne locals can take advantage of various resources that are designed to promote a sense of peace and calm. These environments are aesthetically-pleasing, free of loud noises and intrusive visuals and thus, visiting them is a lot like taking a short holiday from the trials of life. For instance, you can sip fragrant, herbal tea while laying in dream lounge or bathing in a saltwater Jacuzzi that looks out over breathtaking views. You can also take advantage of a full-service gymnasium along with seasoned fitness professionals who can help you find the perfect cardiovascular, strength-training and stretching activities for your individual health needs.

Special Services

There are a number of special services that you can find at almost any day spa Melbourne from Body Freedom residents have access to. These are the perfect places for getting deep-tissue massages, skin cleansing treatments, anti-cellulite treatments and even renewal treatments for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. The services supplied by a day spa Melbourne consumers rely on are often designed to promote improved aesthetics, higher levels of physical health, mood balance and emotional well-being. By taking regular advantage of these services, you’ll feel better, function better and become far more productive and effective in many life areas.